This is my final culminating project which demonstrates the various open-source applications utilized throughout the course and combines elements of digital imagery, voice & music audio, digital animation, video production and a mobile app.


I produced this video as a component of my final project primarily because I had so much fun with the dolphin video that I decided to try it again. This time, I created an instructional video about black holes with spectacular high-resolution images. It showcases elements of many of the multimedia design projects I've completed in this course including digital imagery design, script writing, combined voice narrative and music audio, digital animation, and video production. Throughout this course, I've attempted to utilize each application we've learned about in some meaningful way in subsequent projects so that I would gain a level of proficiency without having to revert back to the tutorials. I now feel quite comfortable modifying code and have mastered the basics of web design and development, creating several different forms of digital media, and producing educational videos and screencasts. Most importantly, I now have confidence in my ability to create my own multimedia design projects independently, and look forward to using these newly acquired skills in my professional career. This video is a culmination of almost every aspect of the topics we've covered in this course and I hope you will enjoy watching it as much as I took pleasure in creating it. Please enlarge the video to full screen for best viewing and click on the link below if you wish to add a comment on YouTube. Enjoy!       

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                                                                 MOBILE APP

Initially, I had considered opting out of the mobile app project because I wanted to devote more time to developing my website and creating another video, but in the end, I decided to give it a try based on feedback and encouragement from others. I created a mobile app using AppInventor that can be displayed on an Android phone or tablet. First, I downloaded the AppInventor program and a supplemental Android simulator, which I viewed on a separate screen as I created the application. Following the instructions in the tutorial, I created the "HelloPurr" app which is very straightforward and relatively easy to generate. Once the app is installed on a device, you can pet the kitty on the screen which produces a purring sound as the device vibrates, simulating a cat purring. I got as far as making the app link to the simulator on my computer, which isn't as exciting as if it were installed on an actual device because you can't really get the sense of the cat purring. I imagine it's quite effective, though...very cute app! I've included an image of the simulator which I edited using  the GIMP application. If you have the appropriate software installed to read an APK file, you can click on the simulator image to view the mobile app in action.